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TeeAddicts at Emerge Trade Show – Saturday – 15 – 2011

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We will be at Emerge Trade Show

This Saturday 15 , 2011


A little about the brands we represent:


123KLAN / Bandit-1$M

Bandit-1$M was brought to life in 2007 by the creative minds of 123KLAN. Founded by Scien and Klor, its name echoes their evolution: first renowned for their graffiti pieces, they became sought after for their signature style and strong designs. Graffiti being considered vandalism, their way of making a living out of criminal acts is known as “banditisme”, banditry. The “1$M” part, besides referring to dirty money, is a twisted version of the “123” from 123KLAN.

Shop - http://shop.bandit-1sm.com

Blog - http://blog.bandit-1sm.com



“There is nothing like a dream to create the future.”

DSTROYR is a lifestyle / clothing brand based out of Riverside CA. Art, auto culture, music, and almost everything in between make up DSTROYR.

Headed by artist / designer Jon Chase

The DSTROYR blog was started to help spotlight the local art scene and events in Riverside. More things are happening out here then people realize. The blog covers a wide variety of things, but mainly it helps spread the word and turn people on to something new.

The DSTROYR brand evolved from the simple necessity to promote the site. But as it went along, more designs were created and it has become more of a reflection of influences. The concept behind DSTROYR is simple, be the best you can be for yourself. So whatever you wanna excel at kill it, own it, DSTROY it.

Site- http://DSTROYR.COM

Store - http://dstroyr.com/store.html



Civilian Clothing

CIVILIAN was born in Las Vegas years ago when high school friends turned a hobby of wheat pasting posters and stickers around a city that has an approach to advertisement consisting of billboards with Nightclubs, DUI Lawyers, cheap plastic surgeons and local “massage parlors”.  With a home-grown grass-roots approach we turned a hobby into a brand…We work hard to build a quality brand with appealing designs that you want to rock every day when you hit the streets! CIVILIAN designs become more than a tee, they are pieces of art…

Site - http://civilian-clothing.com

Shop - http://www.BUYCVLN.com


Dragon Food

In all honesty, we feel that there is no tangible answer…So right now we speak as a group of creative minds with an ambition to inspire. However, we expect the day to be fast approaching when our art, our merchandise, and most importantly our fans will speak on our behalf.

It started off as most things do, a very simple idea. The concept was to help a group of artists and creative minds escape the boredom of their lives. This boredom stems from the simple fact that nothing feels new. As artists we exist for the everlasting search for mental stimuli and inspiration.

Dragon Food is an enigma; each individual’s perception of it will be unlike anyone else’s. To us, Dragon Food is an outlet; an open canvas where we can express ourselves freely, unreserved and simply without creative restraint. As artists, designers, and daydreamers, we strive to make Dragon Food distinct from anything that you have ever imagined. Whether it is a place to escape reality, or even just boredom, we hope that everyone finds inspiration in Dragon Food.

Thank you for visiting our website, and may we continue to feed your imagination.

Site – Http://DragonFood.net

Shop - http://www.dragonfood.net/shop.html



Risk Takers

A group of individuals who strongly believe in taking Risks  for a better life.

“Laughing is to Risk being a fool;

Living is to Risk dying;

Trying is to Risk failure.

Only the person who Risk it all can truly be Free!”

Site – Http://WeareRiskTakers.com

Join the Infantry / Street Team  - http://www.wearerisktakers.com/contact-hq/join-us/


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