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Yema Yema | Cool Character Tees

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Yema Yema

Great artist with kick ass Character tees.

Yema Yema aka Mercedas Crespo  has a very clean , simple yet unique style to her characters. not every thing needs to be complicate tee deisngs. Usually the public loves simple designs.  You have my Vote for Great concept.

Get to know Yema Yema by checking  out here interview with


Urban Yema at $15 bucks

A lot of Yema characters are inspired by the graffiti and urban culture. This tee was created as an inspiration and admiration for that type of craft.
Urban Yema is printed on American Apparel 100% cotton 2001 (unisex) navy blue shirt.

Wotto-Yema at $15 bucks

Craig Watkins AKA Wotto, has joined forces with Yema to breed the most awesome creature. Wotto-Yema is printed on American Apparel 100% cotton 2001 (unisex) heather grey shirt.


I wan’t a tattoo at $15 Bucks

Fresh from the Yema world!
This tee was inspired on an actual desire for getting a tattoo!
This tee represents all what Yema is!, dreams, characters, and fun all around!

I want a tattoo is printed on American Apparel 100% cotton 2001 (unisex) white shirt

Check out the rest of kick ass Characters tees at

Her porfolio site Here

Follow her at

Keep it up Mercedes / Yema Yema  , you make us proud as Artist and Latina.

Gracias por todo y un habraso,

- Andres


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