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I proudly present

iLL Will from iLL Will iNK / BTTR Clothing

just recently met Will through twitter, Super humble dude with lots of Ambition.

He’s about it …shhh Stay Quiet.

1) Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started?

I am originally from Gig Harbor, Washington. Have lived in Seattle, Venice CA, and am currently living in Las Vegas. I currently tattoo full time and put every spare minute into brand I am currently trying to get off the ground. Bitter Clothing :: BTTR

2) What inspired you to get into the Tattooing ? Did you always want to do it?

Tattooing has always interest me since I was very young. I would always draw on my skin and my mom would get so mad and tell me that was not cool! Hahaha, this made is so much cooler for me! But I wasn’t introduce to tattooing until I got my first tattoo when I was 18, long ass wait… when I was in my early 20’s and took an apprenticeship opportunity under someone I high respected and still to do to this day. One thing I learned from him was, you respect tattooing and the industry and the importance of altering someone’s appearance for the rest of their life, and tattooing will do the same for you. I approach every tattoo I do with this mentality.

3) Who is your biggest influence and/or inspiration on your designs/tattoos?

its hard to pick jus one artist, but I really look up to Jack Mosher. His artwork to me is amazing and line work in his drawings is incredible. And of course, Horiyoshi III, Filip Leu, Shige, and there are so many more. The cool thing about tattooing is they don’t have to be famous for you to respect what they are doing. You know good tattoo work when you see it, and I try and learn a little bit from everybody, and mold it into my own style. I never want to stop learning.

4) Can you talk about your own creative process, from the idea to completion?

My creative process basically starts with the client and what they are choosing to mark their body with. If they give me just and idea and I get free reign on the artwork, this is when it’s most fun for me. It’s always has to be perfect of paper first.

5) Career wise, If you could do anything else, what would you like to do?

Man that’s tuff. I really love tattooing, but its always fun trying new things, so I would have to say…

6) Who is your favorite T-shirt Brand and why?

That’s easy… Rogue Status / DTA. Because you give respect where respect is due.


7) Are planning on making a t-shirt brand in the Future? If so any sneak peeks?

I am, it’s called Bitter / BTTR Clothing and Apparel. We currently have made one run of shirts and are currently working on the second round. You can check out some of our designs at

8 ) Any advice you have for aspiring artist/designers and Tee-addicts readers that want get
into Tattooing?

Stay humble and stay motivated, never forget where you are going by only looking back to remember to move forward.

9) Anything else you would like to add?

Two things ive learned along the way….Don’t talk about it, be about it, and NODAYSOFF!!

You can follow my blog at updated almost daily!! Find me on facebook as well. you can also follow me on twitter @illwillink “Im addicted to achievement, and love to seek it.”

Check out his sick work and life at

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Visit Will’s Work place at


Thank you  Will for taking the time , I can’t wait to visit Las Vegas for the 1st time. I’m sure it’s going to be insane and Expect more from BTTR clothing coming soon.

Be about it ….Shhhh Stay Quiet,

- Andres

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