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Artist Interview | Lewis Boyce |

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I proudly present to you Lewis Boyce ,

Mastermind , designer and creator of


1) Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started?
Hi my name is Boyce, i run the independent brand Suffoca in London. Its running in its third year now, but i used the name Suffoca since 05 when i started to upload my art online.

2) What inspired you to get into the Apparel Design ? Did you always want
to do it?
I got started on making apparel for anumber of reason’s, one which was the market was flooded by these massive brands pushing out the same designs, in every colour of the rainbow and it just bored me, i fancied something unique, something with a bit of life and character so i started to adapt my art for print. I had always known design was something i was going to be doing, it was the only thing which kept my mind concentrated.

3) Can you talk about your own creative process, from the idea to completion?
Every idea starts in a sketchbook or scrap piece of paper, they normally work around the characters which build up Suffoca and there adventures/experiences which come from my personal thoughts,real life experience or dreams. I play around with different mediums to get different textures for each design, but i always end up adding a handful of details which i let the customer experience on purchase.



4)What does Suffoca mean & How did you come up with the name ?
I don’t want to put a boxed in meaning to the word Suffoca, but at the moment its the name of the collective character’s which make Suffoca what it is, so not just the characters which i draw, but the customers and fans which relate to the subjects, thoughts and adventures i post up on my blogs, in videos and sketch books. I like to think of it as a documentary of an on going adventure.

I come up with name years ago while thinking to myself, i would like to create something i could put a meaning to.

5) Who is your biggest influence and/or inspiration on your designs?

I don’t know if i have a biggest, but theres defiantly a lot of them. Ive always kept inspiration, making scrap books and folders of others art which makes me want to draw. History is something i draw a lot on, im fascinated by it and especially design, i don’t know if it was because a lot more of it was hand crafted or just the styles.

I really enjoy Dr Seuss,Walt Disney, Comics and i would say i have a strong photography influence too which feeds my brain for the situations i get the characters in to.


6) Career wise, If you could do anything else , what would you like to do?
If i wasn’t doing this, i imagine i would be working in a Zoo, probably in the bird section giggling to myself about the length of some of there legs.

7) i saw your brand being feature on Johnny Cupcakes site, When did you meet Johnny ? How has that influence / inspired your own brand?
I got speaking to Johnny just over three years ago, he was looking to come over to London for the first time and i offered to help him out. We spoke on the phone then the next thing i knew he was already over and it kinda felt like we knew each other already, we would joke around till early in the morning and now its been a good 3 years of being pals with the whole JC family. He has defiantly influenced me a lot, his way of approaching tasks, people and just outlook on life i would say has had a knock on effect and made me appreciate things a lot more. His brand has inspired myself to keep things original, working to my own clock and own goals rather then jumping on the next fashion wave which has never been my goal.


8 ) Any advice you have for aspiring designers and Tee-addicts members?
You only live once, so find what you love and follow it to the end.


9 ) Anything else you would like to add?

I really appreciate the support from customers, blogs and anyone who helps spread Suffoca around the world and im working on ways to thank and involve you more.

Check out Suffoca Melting brains blog :

Shop at:

Thank you  Lewis for reaching out to us  and taking the time for the interview.

i can’t wait to visit London soon so we can create some kick ass videos as well get some Suffoca gear.

Keep melting brains and prosper!

- Andres

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  • Seen these guys in Computer Arts they are probablly one of the best independant brands ive seen. That guy in the bottom video with the top hat lookes exactly like a-trak?

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