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Artist Interview | Dayne Henry Jr | Famous Stars and Straps

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Our Latest Artist Interview with

Dayne Henry Jr

From Killer Distribution / Famous Stars and Straps / The Wild Ones


1) Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started?

I am a graphic designer/ illustrator based out of the Inland Empire. I got my start as a production artist for a screen printing company in Ontario, California. I just couldn’t keep up with all the work, and eventually they let me go. I spent my down time working as much as I could on Illustrator, which seemed to be the standard for the industry at the time. From that point I bounced around to different screen print shops and learned as much as I could about the industry, eventually leading me to where I am now.

Right now I’m working over at Famous Stars and Straps as a Graphic artist.


2) How did you get into Illustration? Did you always want to do it?

Illustration is something i’ve been into since the I was able to hold a pencil. I would draw in books, on walls, on my desk at school… anything with a blank canvas was getting some art done up on it. I’ve always wanted to be an illustrator, drawing comics and designing toys.

3) What inspired you to get into the Apparel Design ?

Apparel was actually something I just kind of fell into. I remember going to Comic Con in 1997, and showing some guys my artwork (at the time, I was dead set on being a comic artist). They took a look at my stuff, and pretty much ripped it apart. They told me that it just wouldn’t work for comics, and that maybe I should do tee shirts or something. I don’t know if they meant it as an insult, but it sure felt that way. I had no issues with tees, in fact, I was rocking a pretty dope X Men tee at the time, so it couldn’t be a bad thing. A few years later I ended up working for that screen printing company and now I’m over at Killer. And, I STILL get to draw comics, so it all worked out.

4) What is your Favorite medium of art Pencil or Digital?

My favorite medium, ultimately, is good old fashioned pencil. Pencil will always be my go to, it’s my therapy, and I will always come back to it no matter what. I’ve tried the cintiq, and it’s nice, but nothing compares to classic feeling of that pencil gliding across the paper.

For finished stuff, I usually do really tight pencils and vector it all up in Adobe Illustrator, which has become my program of choice over the years.

5) Can you talk about your own creative process, from the idea to completion?

Everything starts out with a fairly quick sketch, no bigger than 3 inches high. I just rough it out to get the idea, then I’ll take just redraw it onto a bigger paper, fleshing out all the shapes, helping it to flow a bit better.

Once I’m done with the tightened up drawing, I’ll scan it in, and if some things aren’t clear, I’ll just throw it in Photoshop and adjust a few things (using a wacom tablet).

From there, I’ll finish up my lines and add colors in Illustrator.

6) Who is your biggest influence and/or inspiration on your designs / Illustrations?

I’m into everything artistically, but the main source of inspiration is comic art. Guys like J Scott Campbell, Joe Madureira, Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, and a bunch of others were the source of my inspiration.

As for graphic design and illustration, Maxx 242, Munk One, Jeff Soto, Craola… there’s just too many to name, and they’re all cool people. I just shake my head looking at their stuff, because it’s so dope.

Ultimately, there’s no greater inspiration than my wife and daughter. I do all this stuff for them, and my wife has stuck with me through all this madness, and continues to push me in the right direction. Couldn’t do it without her.

7) How is it working with (Killer Distribution) Famous Stars & straps as well The Wild Ones? Can you talk about the workflow ?

Working with Killer is really nice. I get to do everything I dreamed of doing, from comics to tees, and designing toys even. I think you’ll be surprised at the stuff Famous is coming out with, and The Wild Ones is releasing a comic book soon that I’m drawing, so I’ve been real busy with so many different things.

The workflow is something I’ve settled into nicely. I come from a background of production art, getting things done quick , but as efficient as possible. There’s always a new project, and my fellow artists are just the best group of dudes I could ever work with. There’s no egos, just collaboration and helpful eyes. It’s really dope.

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8) Career wise, If you could do anything else , what would you like to do?

Sometime later, I’d like to get more involved in Product packaging. I LOVE toy design and packaging, it just does something to me. Maybe it’s because it mixes the illustration with graphic design, being able to put all that stuff together. Add a toy in the mix of some beautiful packaging,couldn’t ask for anything better.

Also, I’m currently working on my own comic, as well as some graphics for vehicles and stuff. Should be a very interesting year for me, got a LOT of work ahead.



9) Any advice you have for aspiring designers / Illustrators and Tee-addicts readers? Tips? (PLEASE READ ALL DESIGNERS / ARTISTS / ILLUSTRATORS )

Yes! KEEP DRAWING. Not only that, but constantly seek to try new things. It can get frustrating at times, especially if you’re looking at someone else’s work that you enjoy, but stick with it. Learn the new software, stay on that as the market keeps changing. You don’t want to be left behind when it comes to your programs. Meet other artists, go to events, get your stuff out there. No one will know who you are if you horde your stuff in your room, stashed in your portfolio. Get out there and do it!

10) Anything else you would like to add?

Yup. Thanks for the interview fellas, really appreciate the time.

Also, if anyone is looking to get me on a project or two, I’m available for freelance work. I also have a store where you can buy prints:

Thanks for the support!

Read the The Wild Ones Comic

Check his Blog

Buy his Kick ass Orginal Art &  prints! at

His portfolio :

Big thanks to Dayne,

Much respect to his great work ,  amazing illustrations as well inspiration for all of us.

i would differently take his advice to KEEP DRAWING to get better.

Tee Addicts will support you all the way !

Keep kill it at FMS & TWO.

- Andres


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