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Blogger 2 Blogger- Adam-IAMTHETREND.com | Tee Addicts

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Blogger 2 Blogger, Links — October 29, 2010 12:03 pm

Blogger 2 Blogger- Adam-IAMTHETREND.com

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I’m happy to announce our 1st ever Blogger 2 Blogger interview with our friend Adam from IAMTHETREND.com.

Originally found about IATT (IAMTHETREND ) thought  searching on  youtube for  interviews of Johnny Cupcakes to post here.  ran into his  3 part interview with Johnny , log into his site ( which kicked ass and recommend you check it out)  later added him to twitter , RT some stuff of his and talked to him few times on twitter. ( which some people might not respond to me at the time since i was just starting with TA)  Super humble dude.

Since i always do Artist interviews , i just thought change it up a bit with a Blogger 2 Blogger interview  to see  how  my Fellow  bloggers  got started , what they are into and help them promote their blogs in our site  as well.


Quite simply IAMTHETREND.COM finds the newest and coolest clothing companies, artists, bands and products and delivers them to you daily. If  your’re the type of person that loves to be one step ahead of the curve you are really going to enjoy your stay here. But if your content wearing those same old American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch and Old Navy brands, while listening to top 40 radio please exit this page as soon as possible for fear that you may actually find something new and exciting!

This is a site for the everyman/everywoman, expect no pretentious thoughts or articles. Almost all clothing that you will find on this website is on the cheap. So if you looking $100 tee shirts and $200+ jeans your not going to find much that interests you. As stated this site is for everyday people that like reasonable prices and amazing products.- IAMTHETREND.COM

1) Tell us a little about yourself and how you got started with iamthetrend.com.

Honestly when I started Iamthetrend.com I had zero idea what I was getting myself into.  The basic idea was to provide a website for people to come to find brands, bands, products and art before they  were mainstream.  The original site was more of a yellow pages of  indie companies that allowed users to rate how much they liked a  company which moved them up the listings.  The site was very black  and white and didn’t provide any actual blog material.  As the site began to evolve I started doing weekly interviews with featured clothing companies, artists, and companies that made cool products. I quickly found that the more personal and insightful I could make the site the better. That is basically when I decided to take  Iamthetrend to the level that you see now with articles, reviews, lists and more.  The current format of IATT was rolled out last  October and since then it has been by far the most successful version of the site!

2) What inspired you to get into the blogging ? Did you always want to do it?

The funny thing is I never set out to blog per say.  I just sat out  to create basically an online directory for indie companies which  somehow mutated into a full blog that you see today.  it’s funny I  look back on the two years that I have been running IATT, and think how the hell did I get to this point?  Because  I never set out to  be a blogger, it’s really something that I guess I evolved into with site, but I couldn’t be happier doing it!

3) Career wise, If you could do anything else , what would you
like to do?

Hmmm, IATT and my new company Pong Deck full-time!!!  I think a lot  of people are under the impression that IATT is my full-time gig, but unfortunately it isn’t.  The hardest thing in my world right now  is juggling time.  Between working a full-time job, running Iamthetrend, launching Pong Deck, helping run Shirtlaunch.com, working for Threadbird and still trying to find time for my wife,  friends and family is very taxing.  I am definitely not complaining  but it definitely can become difficult and stressful to manage all  these gigs at once!  I guess bottom line is I would be most happy  one day just to be working for myself and being able to provide for myself and wife!

4) Who is your favorite T-shirt Brand and why?

Wow that is a tough one!  I honestly can’t pick just one favorite  brand but there are quite a few brands that I really enjoy.  Here is  a quick list of some of my favorites and why!
Miles To Go: Greg Kerr does such a phenomenal job running  MTG.  All of his designs are extremely well thought out and  meaningful.  Greg was also one of the first indie clothing company owners to send me out products to review.  He still from time to  time just surprises me with packages, not expecting a review but  just to send them my way.
UGMONK: I absolutely love Jeff Sheldon’s style.  It has been amazing watching his brand grow and gain recognition,  His tees are  extremely simple, effective and classic.
Johnny Cupcakes:  Of course I have to mention JC.  How you can I not mention JC.  I have had the pleasure of meeting Johnny twice in Chicago and was absolutely blown away by how much he loves  and cares for his fans.  What I was most impressed with was how he took the time to meet every single person that wanted to talk to him, and he actually took the time to speak in depth with each person.  It was truly special to see someone as successful as he is out there taking the time to answer question after question.  Aside from those three, I have an absolute ton more, but that would take all day.  But be on the lookout for my post at the end of this year on my top 5 most improved clothing brands of 2010 ; )

5)are planning on making a t-shirt brand in the Future? if so any sneak peeks?

Believe me there has been many times that I have wanted to launch my  own brand and possibly down the road I will.  There have been so many times that I have seen designs for sale that I have just wanted  to buy just to have in case I do launch my own brand.  I’d have to  say my brand would look like a cross between 410BC and Miles to Go.

6) Tell us about you project Shirtlaunch.com? How it can help brands Launch?

Shirtlaunch.com started as a pretty simple idea.   Create a release  calendar to allow brands to promote when their new lines or tees are  dropping.  There are launch calendars and release dates for  everything from CDs, Video Games, Books to Movies, why not     t-shirts?  When I had the initial idea I hit up Rob Ryan from Lady  Umbrella and he actually gave me the idea of having a voting system     to make it a competition, which I loved.  I then brought the idea to  Zach Reed of Blue Tide Productions, who also designed Iamthetrend.com, and we decided to partner up on the site.  The site  was launched back in August and since then we have evolved the site     to give prizes to both clothing lines as well as users of the site!

I really think SL gives people looking for new clothing lines a     great chance to see what is new and coming out in a very clean and     easy way, while providing brands a easy place to “HYPE” their     upcoming launch!

7) Any advice you have for aspiring designers and Tee-addicts members? (very important MUST READ for all anyone thinking of making a brand)

If your looking to launch your brand take a look around and ask  questions!  There a ton of great sites out there that provide a ton     of information and insight on launching a tee company.  Must check     sites: Iamthetrend.com ; ),  howtostartaclothingcompany.com , emptees.com, t-shirtforums.com and gomediazine.com All of those sites give some great free information from designing tees to launching a tee biz!

8 )  Anything else you would like to add?

First off HUGE thanks for the interview, it is pretty rare that I get to be on this side of them!  Also shameless self plug!  If you are into beer pong or drinking games at all check out the new company I launched called PongDeck.com Basically Pong Deck takes Beer Pong to the next level and adds a whole new spin to the game.  And if you have 5 minutes to waste check out the infomercial parody ( right below) we put together for it at youtube.com/pongdeck.

Thanks again, Stay Shirty!


Big thanks to Adam for doing the interview, Great info for up-and-coming artist/designer that want to be in the Tee-biz as well letting us know( at least for me) a few new tee brands i didn’t know about like Miles To Go and UGMONK , they just being added to  my list for brands to look after and blog about.

Everyone be sure to check out IAMTHETREND.COM for the latest info in all thing independent.

Also for check out his 1st ever product: Pong Deck.com

Follow him in Twitter: http://twitter.com/iamthetrend

Like him in Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/iamthetrend

Happy  Pre-halloween Friday everyone!

- Andres

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