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Brass Tack Apparel -N- Free Fonts

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Support Our Local Florida Talent!

Brass Tack Apparel.

Fresh new brand with great designs from Hydro74 ,  making your simple/text/typo  tees look like shit  since their designs are fully detail and you can see the hard work behind each design.

From Star Wars influence tees to some Trippy designs about your mom.

Check out the Brass Tack Family.




Joshua M. Smith, otherwise known as Hydro74 is a elite designer who’s works have been featured and used on various brands like Nike, Adidas, Hasbro, Mattel, ESPN, Billabong, Quiksilver, Burton Snowboards and many many others. He is a skilled Vector / Apparel Artist from Orlando Florida who has received national and international attention for his work. From the beginning, no one would of ever expected Hydro74 to become successful due to the hardships that life dealt his way. With many years of a socially dysfunctional family, in and out of foster homes and having to hustle to find places to live during the last few years of High School and College, even Joshua Smith of Hydro74 would of never dreamed to be where he is at today. However he bases his success not off of the works that have been accomplished, but by the fact that with effort and desire you can find personal success of finding that consistency of life and enjoying it.

Hydro74 is the key cog in the Brass Tack and seeking to develop it much like his life, with success and consistency.




Jimiyo’s main goal in life is to find the perfect balance between making a living while maximizing his personal time to create non-client, personally directed art. His art is mostly comprised of personal works, which is typically ornate designs that seem to indicate his affinity for interweaving lines and seeking ways to implement as much detail as possible while still maintaining readability. He has worked with various apparel companies like Design by Humans, Sullen, Threadless, Billabong, and many more. He is highly active on the web and you can find him most active in sharing his pursuits and general life at http://twitter.com/jimiyo.

Zombie Yeti

Zombie Yeti


Zombie Yeti Studios is the alter ego of designer Jeremy A. Packer. Born & raised in the cornfields of northern Indiana, Zombie Yeti had no choice but to escape the maize via a steady diet of comic books, cartoons, music & video games. From that diet, along with some corn & dairy, he grew into a young man. That young man followed his passion & broad influences into a seemingly conflicting Post Grad Academic focus in both Fine Arts & Animation. He uses this broad background to skew a unique perspective as he digests the world around him and twists & perverts it into new and truly bizarre works.

He describes his work by defining a new term; a self proclaimed movement called ‘Esoteric Americana’. On the surface his style reflects his love of comic books & cartoons – with a dash of humor, an emphasis on story, character, silhouette & line. While beneath, his aesthetic results resemble a twisted take on modern representations of traditional fine art. He currently has many works in the Music, Sports, & Apparel industries but does not define himself by any one industry.

Blue Chicken

Blue Chicken


Blue Chicken is a brand owned by Raul Ramirez, an Illustrator and Graphic Designer from Venezuela.

Among music, films, pencils, markers, crayons, scissors, triangles, fluorescent colors, jaws, eyes and blue, a lot of blue, Raul starts to move between the whicked and fantastic waters of illustration, trying each day to achieve the best piece, he spends nights and days stuck to a paper.

Let’s Cut the Bullshit!  here is the Tees:

About Brass Tack Apparel:

Brass Tack is a Orlando based concept from the mastermind Hydro74. The idea is to promote the art and iconic production of symbolic relevance with intellectual idealism founded on a secret society level. The Brass Tack clothing line is dedicated to lush quality, simply stated themes, unique imagery that centers around graphical interpretations of the lost art of underground secret social systems that hide their ideology in plain sight. The core concept in the end is never to establish, but in the end, it has always been there or lived in some form or another.

Joshua M. Smith, otherwise known as Hydro74 is a highly sought after, respected designer within the progressive side of the art scene. Over the past 13 years he’s been involved in assisting and shaping trends with companies like Nike, Adidas, Burton Snowboards, Billabong, Lucas Films and countless others. You can view his work over at Hydro74 (http://www.hydro74.com) and get a better understanding of what has been accomplished. In the end, Joshua M. Smith is proud to bring this vision to life and build a unique brand and bring forth his own ideas and thoughts to the development

The Free Fonts:

Check the Free fonts:

Just a few of the design font and  for the rest.

Check out  the   www.legacyofdefeat.com

Told you they were free!

When your done downloading all the free fonts,

head over to http://brasstackapparel.com for some tees.

- Andres

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